Andy and Emma’s Week of FUN

We’re having a week of staycation at the end of July to celebrate the end of Maffews’ arduous but worthy trek to become the bestest architect ever, and we’re going to have a vacation once he’s slayed his tutors with his terrifyingly amazing interview in September. Well done Maffews! The vacation will be a last minute cheapo job in the sun and this pre-vacation staycation is going to ruuuule.

So, what do you do in London for a whole week? This:

1. Have Maffews’ amazing mum come to stay for a day – drink pink sparkles and laugh.
2. Go to the London Aquarium and swim with the fishes.
3. Eat delicious food at Comptoir Gascon.
4. Scope out amazing cupcakes at Hummingbird Bakery or Candy Cakes.
5. Go for bike rides come rain or shine.
6. Read books and lie on grass.
7. Go to Brockwell Lido.
8. Eat sashimi.
9. Go to Walking In My Mind at the Southbank Centre and hopefully get freaked out by how freaking amazing it is.
10. Watch Maffews take pikkers and take Diana back out into the light for some fun.
11. Eat tummy pleasing breakfast delovelies at Franklins on Lordship Lane but don’t have the OJ AND coffee – tummy says “no, no, no”.
12. Hang with the sweetastic super-auntie Janey Mac – eat super delicious dinner, drink gin and maybe sit out on the stoop.
13. Walk, walk, walk and talk, talk, talk, hold hands, drink Guinness and think, think, think.

Oh, and go to Paris on the Eurostar! Unfortunately this isn’t Andy and Emma fun, this is Janey B and Emma fun. I am excited but I feel bad, but not too bad as Maffews has already played in Paris.

candy cakes

thumb love

paris is gay

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