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So, what’s on my wordy wishlist. Too many books that will never get read? Likely, but let’s be positive. The words are falling away and in their place a glowing screen and fast typing fingers, with eyes that sink into stuff (stuff = dresses, videos about dogs, bread recipes, too high heels to walk in, vintage clothes from Utah that I cannot afford, knitting patterns that I will never knit, polaroid film I will never buy, vinyl wishlists that grow out of control) like eating unnecessary cake, or cherry fudge that you don’t really like but you bought it in Devon and it’s better you eat it than the house mouse. Right? Wrong. Let’s break some spines and stuff the words into our eyes – more pixels to make the picture clearer.

Top of the reading list:

Reality Hunger: A Manifesto – David Shields

The Learners – Chip Kidd

Remainder – Tom McCarthy

Calvin and Hobbes – I know, I'm a dick

If anyone has any recs please send them my way. Please. Pleeeeeeeeease. My big loves include: Amy Hempel, Bukowski, Hemingway, Vonnegut, Millhauser, Junot Díaz, Beckett, McCullers etc.

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What a dilemma

This advertisement made me want to cry and then tell the dog not to be so silly. Awwwwwwwww, wee doggie and a cat. Seriously though, I was nearly crying.

via Maffews

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Don’t step in the poo

I gone done some Polvore-ing.

Halston Suede wrap dress, $2,995
Whistles Draped Front Spot Dress, Navy, 5, 50 GBP
Ultimate Military Cape, $190
the boyfriend 1957 loved jeans, 225 GBP
Ashish – Designers – Clothing – Topshop USA, 150 GBP
Ashish – Designers – Clothing – Topshop USA, 50 GBP
Serge Lutens Feminite du Bois by Serge Lutens Perfume for Women : Shop…, $120
Nike Dunk High 08 Sneakers, $110
Giuseppe Zanotti Women’s I06150 Glitter Pump: Shoes, $595
Esme Nude Spazzaloto Shoe by Kurt Geiger, 160 GBP Sam Edelman Women’s Kat Oxford: Shoes, $128
Lazy Oaf | Neivz by Steven Shein Grow up Necklace, 30 GBP
House of Harlow 1960 Gold Peacock Feather-Enameled Locket Pendant, $120
Timex 80 White Plastic Watch, $50
Turquoise Leather Triangle Ring, $45
bacon wallet, $16
ACNE – Leatherwear – Leather outerwear ACNE on, $1,905 30 Rock: Season Three: Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jane…, $30
Isabel Marant leggings
Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf for Women Eau de Parfum Spray 1.7 oz -…
Isabel Marant Elle Shopping | Instant Outfit Hiking Boots |
Ghostbusters Movie Stills photos at
Nuova collaborazione tra Louis Vuitton e Sofia Coppola
fashion loves people » Blog Archive » Warby Parker eyeglasses
Guinness Beer Pictures, Images & Graphics
[ミュウミュウ] 5M0222 ST.COCCO LUX PAPRIKA 6連キーケース オレンジ [Miu Miu] – 【Miu…
What’s truly new in iPhone 4 | Popular Science
Sennheiser HD-202 sur Son-Video
Russian Themed Martini Party |
Ruby Woo by MAC
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Today marks the fourth year with Maffews. It didn’t start off so easy but none of the best things do. We were going to celebrate with a delicious Italian dinner tonight but my mixture of illnesses has called a halt to the seafood and pasta eating, so we’ll have to do that another day. Out of the ten years I’ve lived in London the best ones have been the ones he’s been in.

Friends for a couple of years before seeing each other, we both read a book not long before we decided to be together, All My Friends are Superheroes; this bit always makes me smile:

“He walked into the room and stood between the two boxes. He looked at the one marked ‘LOVER’ and he looked at the one marked ‘FRIEND’. He made his decision quickly. With sharp steps he moved in front of the box marked ‘FRIEND’. Picking it up, he lifted it over his head and put it inside the box marked ‘LOVER’. Then he turned around, picked her, and lifted her inside the boxes. He climbed in with her.”

Here’s some pikkers of the man himself. xx



Sunday socks

Painting face


Blue door


Terrible Two

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White or Black?

What about both. I ended up getting the iPhone 4 in black because I couldn’t wait for Steve Jobs to get his act together and magic up the white version. So, how happy am I to find this Kate Spade cover, I just hope they’ll stock it at the pop-up that’s in London for the next month as they don’t ship internationally.

A black and white phone? A spotty phone? Yep, that’s a winner.

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