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Beth Hoeckel reminds me of the dreams I used to have when I was eight. A world folding in on itself, close to the end but looking out, and full of grown ups I can’t really see. It makes me feel uneasy. It makes me want to climb inside. If only C-3PO and R2-D2 were to make an appearance my 8-year-old self’s dreams would be fully realised by one of my favourite artists.

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The C to the des G

I saw these wallets and I was like, there ain’t no party like a Comme des Garcons party ’cause a Comme des Garcons is mandatory. But seriously, if they had a party I’d be there. With the bells on.




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Supping Lemsip and celebrating the soft cup

So I’m sick with a cold, eating toast, looking at underwear. Standard.

My salvation is that, at long last, NZ-based Lonely Hearts has opened an online shop.

I like to think Lonely is the underwear the lead would have worn in a less irritating version of ‘Lost in Translation’. Or what we can wear under our jammies, ensconced on the sofa, supping Lemsip, watching tragic telly, while toast crumbs get lost in our soft cups.

I might have ordered something. I blame the Lemsip and how good the boxes look.

Sets available at Lonely.

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David Sedaris reads Miranda July

The story, which appeared in the The New Yorker in 2007, is about a young woman’s encounter with a famous actor aboard an airplane, and the reverberations of their exchange throughout her life.

Listen: Roy Spivey by Miranda July.

I love that they talk about how July and Lena Dunham share a certain quality in their work – a refusal to be embarrassed. A refusal to take themselves out of their work.

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