Game changers

Game changers

Apropos of nothing, a photo of Nicolas Cage in Face/Off

I recently bought some stuff that has made my face look better. It might make your face look better too, not that there’s anything wrong with your face. Your face is beautiful.

So, in the spirit of ‘sharing is caring’, here’s the good stuff:

Liquid Gold by Alpha-H
It’s ACID! ZOMG, I can’t put acid on my face! You can and you should. Glycolic acid is found naturally in sugar cane and has got to be better than rubbing grainy scrubs with bits of stone and old bones over your lovely face. Use this every other night. Cleanse, apply this as if using toner with a cotton wool pad and that’s it. No moisturiser. Not a serum in sight. Wake up, look in the mirror, exclaim, ‘Where did my pores go?!’. It’s that good. I was worried it was something for the more oily/combination types but no, my normal to sensitive-ish skin has no problems with this lovely aciiiiid. On off nights I use a light moisturiser or serum and eye cream.

Tinted Moisturiser by Laura Mercier
Everyone says this is good and everyone is right. I’m really not a fan of foundation and have generally tried to get away with just applying sunscreen and concealer. It has worked fairly well up until now but girl needs to face the future. This creates an even skin tone, covers minor flaws (little thread veins), contains SPF and just makes you look a little bit better. You can’t go wrong. Well, you can but it would be pretty hard to. As with all foundation/tinted moisturisers, you should try on in the shop and make sure it’s the right colour, otherwise you run the risk of it being the wrong colour and your face will look weird. People will judge you. I might be one of those people.

Convertible Colour in fuschia by Stila
I am as white as a ghost and I really try to avoid looking like a recently resurrected Aunt Sally. Hmmm, that probably is look I am going for – an ethereal Aunt Sally. This looks mad bright in the pot but once you’ve throughly blended you will glow like no other. Eyes look whiter and brighter, as if you’ve laughed hard and long (maybe after watching this) and it even makes your teeth look whiter. Magic.


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Beautiful images on the National Geographic tumblr.

NGS Picture ID:612872
Children swim and play in oceanside pool, February 1955.

NGS Picture ID:1122458
Former soldiers study cake decorating at a vocational school in Puerto Rico, April 1951.

Scanned by: Retouched by: DT-PK QC'd by: DT-RJ
A cowgirl puts a nickel in an El Paso parking metre to hitch her pony, October 1939.

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Soon the sun will be here. Soon we will ride bikes, baring our arms, amassing freckles. Soon.

I would wear all of these lovely clothes on adventures or just cycling to the supermarket. I’m not one for cycling apparel, the only specific cycling clothing I would ever consider spending my money on is on this Rapha jacket because it’s beautiful. Oh, and padded pants for long journeys. Always padded pants.

If you’re carrying a decent lock this WoodWood bag is worth a look or this trusty Eastpak. I also like the look of The Sac from Linus bags, they’re due back in stock in the next few weeks.

The sunshine is coming. It has to. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

sunny cycling

1. You Must Create grey sweat – to keep you toasty
2. Comfy Topshop trousers
3. Rains jacket – modern and affordable classic raincoat that you can wear on or off the bike
4. KENZO x Vans – no words necessary
5. T by Alexander Wang – so soft
6. & Other Stories bag – perfect for cash, keys, lip balm, mini pump, book and any other essentials

7. Shiseido UV Protection Cream SPF 50 – no excuses

8. L’Occitane shea butter hand cream – look after your hands
9. Jagwire brake and gear cables – brighten up your life

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Updating Your Status.

I just deleted a load of Facebook friends. I felt bad while doing it. I really need to sort my shit out. Old boyfriends, people I barely ever spoke to, someone I shared my lunch with when I was 9.

So often I find myself having imaginary conversations with people from my past. I keep saying, ‘I don’t care what you think.’ It has to stop.

I was having dreams about people I haven’t seen in years. Why are you in my head? Why are you trying to drown me in this dream while I’m surrounded by Alphabetti Spaghetti and time travelling cats? Why? Facebook. I see your faces on Facebook. I see pictures of you camping, eating a steak, burping your baby, telling me you bought a £400 handbag. I see your self-congratulatory bullshit, I see your hackneyed sayings and inspirational quotes, I see the parts of your life you want me to see and I close my eyes.

Next step is to shut Facebook down. Problem is I want to see pictures of my friends with their babies, or in San Francisco eating bagels, or videos of their cats being weird. I like seeing what they want me to see. I like tracking events in my life. Maybe it’s all about reduction. I wonder what will be left.

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