Impulse and action

A tattoo.

I got one because I wanted to. I had an urge and acted on it. So simple but rarely now do I have an impulse and act on it. Not questioning it. An impulse and an action. Without dismantling. Without wringing out meaning. Without worrying what anyone else might think. I did it because I wanted to and every time I look at it it reminds me that I should be impulsive. I shouldn’t wait.

It’s a triangle because I love triangles. I doodle them when I’m on the phone and in meetings when people are still talking but there’s nothing left to say. It’s what my hand and my brain conjure up when my mind is wandering.


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The Christmas wish(es)

‘I don’t know if you believe in Christmas
or if you have presents underneath a Christmas tree
but if you believe in love
that will be more than enough.’

Old John Denver’s right, love is more than enough but presents are good too. Here’s what I’d like to find under the (fake sparkly) tree…


The good stuff: 
1. Manhattan Print – Crispin Finn
2. Bear head – HermanMarie
3. Boring is Best jumper – Stay at Home Club 
4. Nike Air Max
5. Charming Eye Palette – Chanel 
6. Hat – All Knitwear 
7. Roma Necklace – Moxham
8. Kotori Kawashima – Mirai-Chan
9. Christy Bra – Lascivious 
10. Dear Boy – Emily Berry 
11. Gold Clutch – ASOS

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Fly me to the moon

I find the idea of ‘Gravity’ harrowing but the casting is weird, right? Right? So somebody reimagined it as a rom com.

Now this is fucking incredible.

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