Within the binary world of coded zeros and ones arises a choir of disembodied literary voices…

Rick Whitaker ‘steals’ the words of other writers to make his own world in An Honest Ghost.

“…Rick Whitaker’s semi-autobiographical novel, An Honest Ghost, consists entirely of sentences appropriated from over 500 books. Whitaker limited himself to using 300 words per book (in accordance with Fair Use); never taking two sentences together; and never making any changes, even to punctuation. In the iBook version, touching a sentence brings up its original source: a book’s title, author, and page number.

The experience of acknowledging each sentence as literary artifact, combined with the imagined accretion of books that built An Honest Ghost, deftly mirrors the burgeoning nostalgia in the narrator’s voice and, fittingly, in the careful reader’s heart.”

“…you can connect all at once with the full panoply of ghosts haunting the story, Shakespeare (for the title), Hart Crane, Susan Sontag, Thomas Bernhard, Plato, James Joyce, Chekhov, Virginia Woolf, Edmund White, Colette, Janet Malcolm, hundreds of others all chiming in.”


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‘Olympus Has Fallen’ or, as I like to call it, ‘Shift 3: Rise of the Hashtag’

This has to be one of the greatest moments in film history.

Someone got Oscar nominee Angela Bassett to shout ‘Shift 3!’ forming part of the deactivation code that resulted in America not being obliterated by its own nuclear weapons. All I can assume from this is that Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs, played by Bassett, is one serious PC-using Twittering motherfucker. Oh, and Mike Banning, the Secret Service Agent played by Gerard Butler (‘Don’t let yersel luke tirrred. Nuff said.’), needs to work on his keyboard skillz.

Seriously Gerard, you have a Twitter account.


Someone wrote this script. Think about that.

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Produced in association with the Wellcome Trust, this debut graphic novel by Dr. Hana Roš and Dr. Matteo Farinella is a journey through the human brain: a place of neuron forests, memory caves and castles of deception.

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Real-world noise

Jon Hopkins was born in Wimbledon and loves ‘Groundhog Day’.

‘Real-world noise of any sort has a very wide frequency range, far wider and more complex than any electronically generated sound. Mixing found sounds in with computer or synth-made music gives it a width, depth and character that it can otherwise lack.’ Dummy Mag

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I wish I’d pulled a coat over my lurid polyester nightie, tied up the laces of my Puma Classics and walked across the sand dunes to meet him. I didn’t. I stayed under the covers, untwisting the twine that held a key around my neck and breathed out as the moment that could have changed everything passed me by. 

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