What’s going on?

I’m enjoying updating Hair Advice From My Heroes way too much. I love it.

I’m still reading The Marriage Plot and it’s still an utter joy.

I headed off to the BFI with my lovely cousin to check out the Woody Allen season and kick back in a nice cinema for a couple of hours. We decided on Bullets Over Broadway which was fine by me because anything John (and/or Joan) Cusack is in = fine with me. Weirdly, the only 35mm they could source was in Spain and came with Spanish subtitles. Lucky us – a film and a chance to brush up on my GCSE Spanish skillz.

Best line: “You stand on the brink of greatness. The world will open to you like an oyster. No… not like an oyster. The world will open to you like a magnificent vagina.”

I’m going back to basics for a while – no more dresses. Nope. It’s all about the jeans and the boots. The knitted jumper and the vest. Let’s see how long it lasts…

Last week I mentioned the Whistles pineapple dress and I’ve got to say it was a bit of a disappointment. I ordered online (a mad move) and when it arrived I found it covered in little (but obvious) lighter marks in the fabric. So, goodbye pineapple dress, it seems as though we’re not destined to be friends. A shame but a blessing in disguise as I don’t have that kind of dough right now.

Some nice threads
Topshop Boutique has some nice stuff at the moment including this neon jumper. I’m also a little bit in love with these ballet pumps and this bag.
The woman inside me who thinks she can walk elegantly in (6″) high heels wants these t-bars from Michael Kors, shame she’s broke and they’d fester like a sore in a box, wailing “You never wear me’.

I really don’t know what to expect from The Long Count at the Barbican. Well, anything that involves The National, the Deal sisters and Tunde Adebimpe has my vote:

RIP Etta James.

We found a deal! A deal for fish and chips and wine at J. Sheekey for just £15.95. So Janey Mac and I duly got our backsides on nice seats and prepared to enjoy. It was good but it was a shame about the level of embarrassment that the staff seemed to feel upon having to serve us. Dudes, if you want (or need) to provide an offer do it in such a way that it doesn’t damage your brand and upset your guests. I’ve been to J. Sheekey before, a very kind present from my family and they spent a ton of money and it was fabulous. I want to feel the same fabulous at J.Sheekey whether it’s £15.95 or £500 being spent. It appears that they may be doing themselves more harm than good. Buck up your ideas – serve those coming for the deal in the same area of the restaurant with staff who are glad to serve up the fish and chips and not add cover charges etc. in a lame attempt to wangle more money. The good news? The salt and pepper shakers are still satisfyingly heavy and pints of Guinness come in silver tankards.

I love Instagram. That is all.

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