Wool and the Gang

knit and be kool

What a genius idea but you’ll need to dig deep, or smash your piggy bank open as it’s not cheap, or not as cheap as I need and want it to be. Wool and the Gang is knitting at its very coolest, or try-hard coolest. This is a Vogue-reading, backstage model habit. This is something that will make us feel creative and fashionable, and this is something I sort of want, but don’t want to fork out so much for. You hand over your Euros and in return you’ll receive the wool, needles, pattern and anything else you might need to complete the scarf, vest, hat etc. of your choosing. Unfortunately, the best knit is this one for kids – Yuma and Totsi – make this sweet poncho and overshoes adult-emma sized and I’ll pay you all the hard cash monies I can lay my tiny fingers on.


You can also check out tutorials, ready to wear for the non-knitters and a blog with knitty news.

I only hope they have sales…

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Boxing Day + wool = The Knitathon

The Beginning, originally uploaded by weequizzie*.

Today I will mostly be knitting and eating pigs in blankets and watching Mary Poppins and trying to write something that is not completely meaningless, or perhaps totally meaningless and taking pikkers of my feets with the camera.

Boxing Day, I think I love you.

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